Lyons Core Portfolio Strategy

Income Generating Common and Preferred Stocks and Corporate Bonds Intended to Optimize Tax Efficiency

Strategy Summary

The Lyons Core Portfolio is a core asset portfolio that invests in income-generating common and preferred stocks and corporate bonds with long-term holding periods intended to optimize tax efficiency. Portfolios are generally invested in individual common stocks and own ETFs or mutual funds for preferred stocks and corporate bonds. The Core may utilize margin, and the benchmark is the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Q4 2023 Fact Sheet

Performance Statistics
Total Annualized Return Winning Months (%)
13.10% 62.84%
Average Winning Month Average Losing Month
4.58% -4.50%
Sharpe Ratio Sortino Ratio
0.70 0.98
Standard Deviation Monthly Sortino Ratio
5.94% 3.65%
Total Return Cummulative

General Information

Minimium Investment $100,000
Margin to Equity 30%
Highwater Mark NO
Location Winter Park, Florida, United States
Phone (407) 951-8710
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For Investors with a minimum of $100K
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