Lyons Tactical Allocation Portfolio Overview
A Different Approach to Tactical Investing

Key Investment Objectives

  • Greater long-term upside capture through sustained full market participation and full equity allocations to multi-year, continuous time periods
  • Less whipsaw by making fewer defensive shifts
  • Capital preservation in bear markets
  • Risk hedging against short-term market weakness and whipsaw
  • Alpha potential from active stock investing

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We take an active approach to our tactical strategy, seeking to deliver alpha while on offense instead of relying on defensive shifts for performance. We systematically seek out high-performing companies with capital appreciation opportunity and an attractive price relative to that opportunity.

Lyons Wealth Tactical Allocation Portfolio

  • Performance at attractive prices
  • Optimal combination of performance and price
  • Preservation of capital when risk outweighs available value opportunities
We Are Not
  • A managed ETF portfolio
  • Passive index investors
  • Sector rotators
  • Momentum chasers