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This Is The Best Tax Move You Can Make Right Now

The best investment at the end of a sour 2022 may be akin to lemonade. Take the biggest lemons in your individual retirement account or other tax-deferred accounts and convert them into a Roth IRA. That will reduce your tax bill down the road.

Turn Portfolio Losses Into Tax Savings

Selling losing positions from taxable accounts can lower tax bills. It also gives you the chance to reposition portfolios to reduce costs or target new opportunities.

Lockheed’s Stock Has Soared. One Director Scooped Up More Shares.

Lockheed Martin stock has trounced the market this year, and director John Donovan just bought some more shares of the aerospace and defense giant.

Dividend-Paying Stocks Can Help Battle Inflation

Surging bond yields have been a pleasant addition to the toolbox of income investors after years of minimal fixed-income returns. But dividend stocks can offer crucial balance and additional income to a portfolio, especially in today’s environment of high inflation.