Corey Roun
Sr. Director of Trading & Derivatives Strategies

Mr. Roun has been with Lyons Wealth Management since 2009 and serves as Senior Director of Trading & Derivative Strategies. He is the lead portfolio manager for three of the firm’s main strategies, and responsible for their continued development and innovation.

Mr. Roun has been trading for over 15 years and is an options specialist and expert in developing and executing sophisticated options strategies. His expertise spans a multitude of areas, including stocks, bonds, options, futures, currencies, and crypto. He is well versed in the use of leverage, specifically with portfolio margin along with Reg-T.

He has been deeply involved in the digital currency and crypto space for the past eight years, having spoken as a subject matter expert on a few national and international platforms. His experience in this area not only spans knowledge of the asset class, but also includes the creation of new coins through the running of a crypto mining operation.

Mr. Roun was integral during the five years of continued refinement and updating of the firm’s latest strategy. This unique and innovative strategy seeks to provide consistent, reliable, and measurable cash flow to investors with the added benefit of controlled downside protection using position specific collars. The strategy is managed as an SMA with no lock-up period or capital calls.

Mr. Roun’s talents and efforts, as part of the Lyons investment team, have been recognized through numerous awards, accolades, and prestigious rankings from various news outlets and fund evaluation services. Specifically including a “5 Star” rating by Morningstar over the past 10 years1; 3 “America’s Top Performers – 10 Year” by Thompson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards2; 3 “REFINITIV” Lipper Fund Awards for 2016, 2018, and 20193; “Investors Choice – 10 Year Anniversary” Award for 2021 Top Performers – Equity Category4.

Mr. Roun has carried his Series 65 securities Registration for 13 years.

1 The Catalyst Lyons Tactical Allocation Fund has been awarded 5 Stars by Morningstar for 10 years through December 2022
2 “America’s Top Performers” by Thompson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards for 5 years, 2019
3 “REFINITIV” Lipper Fund Award for 2016, 2018, 2019 for highest consistent return value among 351 funds for the 5 years ending 11/30/2017
4 “Investors Choice – 10 Year Anniversary” Award. 2021 Top Performers Award – Equity Category best fund under 100m

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