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We’ve helped thousands of clients reach their goals through:

  • Asset management tailored to your unique needs
  • Excellent service and dedicated investment counselors
  • Access to financial planning resources covering Social Security, Medicare, estate planning, tax efficiencies and more
  • A fiduciary duty to always put clients’ interests first—and one simple, transparent fee that means we only do better when you do better

Review Our *Award Winning Strategies

Lyons Enhanced Yield

Delivering consistent, reliable cash flow, Each position is fully hedged to control downside exposure, Portfolio net yield target of 12-15% annually, Fully liquid No lockup period, no capital calls

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Lyons Tactical Allocation Portfolio (SMA)

Greater long-term upside capture through sustained full market participation and full equity allocations to multi-year, continuous time periods

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Catalyst/Lyons Tactical Allocation (Mutual Fund)

The Fund’s objective is to seek total return from long-term capital appreciation and current income.

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Lyons Core

Investing in income generating common and preferred stocks and corporate bonds with long-term holding periods intended to optimize tax efficiency

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Financial Planning

SMART financial goals provide a structured and effective approach to setting objectives and financial plans that are clear, achievable, and aligned with your personal values.

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Own a Large Stock Position

Did your advisor say sell and diversify? Keep your stock with Lyons Income Overlay. You don't have to diversify with our customized solution for large concentrated stocks.

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Lyons CoinDesk Large Cap Select Index SMA 

CoinDesk Large Cap Select Index (DLCS), designed to measure the market capitalization weighted performance of some of the largest and most liquid digital assets that meet pre-defined trading and custody requirements.

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