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Lyons Enhanced Yield

A tax-smart income solution that targets high current income through portfolio margin with a measure of downside protection. The Lyons Enhanced Yield Strategy is designed to provide a high level of current income, independent of market direction, that is measurable and consistent for investors. The payment produced has better tax efficiency than bond income, and capital appreciation is considered a secondary objective.

The portfolio is levered, holds individual dividend-paying stocks, and risk is controlled through options strategies to hedge against downside volatility. The plan targets an above-average net yield and is fully liquid with no capital call obligations.

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Lyons Tactical Allocation Portfolio (SMA)

This service offers an offense-first, bullish approach to tactical investing that seeks to optimize growth and upside capture. Full equity allocations are maintained long-term while addressing downside risk with separate and distinct solutions for different levels of market risk.

Tactical asset allocation is targeted to the risk of conventional bear markets that cause outsize damage to wealth and require years to recover, as we believe large changes to asset allocation should be reserved for severe risk. This results in rare shifts out of equities, providing greater upside and compound growth.

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Catalyst/Lyons Tactical Allocation
(Mutual Fund)

The Catalyst/Lyons Tactical Allocation Fund offers a different approach to tactical investing by focusing on offense first, and defense next. The Fund uses a proprietary stock selection model that seeks high-performing companies available at a good price and employs a proprietary risk management model to determine when to allocate to its equity portfolio or shift defensive.

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Lyons Core

The Lyons Core Portfolio is a core asset portfolio that invests in income-generating common and preferred stocks and corporate bonds with long-term holding periods intended to optimize tax efficiency. Portfolios are generally invested in individual common stocks and own ETFs or mutual funds for preferred stocks and corporate bonds. The Core may utilize margin, and the benchmark is the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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Lyons CoinDesk Large Cap Select Index SMA 

CoinDesk Large Cap Select Index (DLCS), designed to measure the market capitalization weighted performance of some of the largest and most liquid digital assets that meet pre-defined trading and custody requirements.

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Lyons Small Cap Value Strategy

The Small Cap Value strategy consists of a diversified portfolio of small-cap value stocks traded on US stock exchanges. We utilize our Fundamental Process, including our proprietary GRAPES valuation model, to screen the universe of mid-, small, and micro-cap companies to find attractive candidates. We are typically looking for companies with current solid operating results and conservative balance sheets that are trading at discounted prices.

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Financial Planning

SMART financial goals provide a structured and effective approach to setting objectives and financial plans that are clear, achievable, and aligned with your personal values. The SMART acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound, which are essential criteria for creating actionable goal. Let's explore each criterion and provide examples of SMART >>

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Own a Large Stock Position

Concentrated stock positions is an investment strategy wherein a significant portion of an individual's wealth is tied up in a single stock or a limited number of stocks. Understanding the ins and outs of it is essential for investors who want to make informed decisions and effectively manage the associated risks and rewards.

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